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Cap d'Antibes Real Estate

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The Cap d'Antibes, a peninsula in the Mediterranean sea between Nice and Cannes, is one of the most exclusive addresses on the French Riviera. Property prices have doubled, sometimes even tripled since 2000.

If the entry ticket amounts to €1 million for a small villa without any view, you will have to spend no less than €3-4 millions for a small sea view, and more than €10 millions for a panoramic view.

The closer you get to the south of the Cap d'Antibes, the more expensive it gets. Real estate reaches there summits in terms of prices but also prestige and luxury. Some estates are worth more than €100 millions.

The real estate market of the Cap is today very limited. New constructions as well as modifications on existing buildings are strictly regulated. Consequences if the rules are not followed can be dramatic and may end up in the complete destruction of properties.

If you are interested in buying one of the 2000 properties on the Cap, the best solution is to seek the help of a real estate agency which will open to you the doors of this very closed market. You can find a list of these agencies on our dedicated page.